Macondo Muse is the fashion platform where you can discover exceptional pieces. We carefully curate designers from around the world to bring their collections directly to Mexico.

Macondo represents a magical and infinite universe. This is the universe that we want to bring to Mexico, one full of design and fashion options so that you can meet the talent of multiple designers, regardless of their nationality. We want to connect them with different cultures, the work behind each design, and the magic that represents being able to have an exclusive, different piece, and with history.

Muse symbolizes our essence. All women are muses. We want each one of us to wear a piece of Macondo Muse to walk with confidence, with style, feel powerful and be a source of inspiration, not for others, but for ourselves.

“I am my own muse. I am the person I know best. I am the person I want to improve. ”

- Frida Kahlo